July, 1984

Useful Food began its first production and launched spiral shape Potae potato snack as its first product.

Later, the company expanded its production line and introduced a new taste of paprika potato snack product under the brand of “PAPRIKA”, followed by a crispy corn snack product under the brand of “CORNAE” in 1986.


In 1989

The company established a subsidiary company under the name of Unichamp Co., Ltd. for manufacturing cookies and potato chips. In 1990, filled cookie that comes in peanut butter and fruit paste under the brand of “DENMA” was launched, followed by another potato chip snack under the brand of “KOB KOB” in 1991. Since Useful Food place great importance in continuously introducing new food products, research department was added to better enhance its product quality. 


In 1992

In 1992, Unichamp Co., Ltd. launched an assorted cookie product under the brand of “MATINEE” into the market. In 1993, Useful Food introduced its new breakfast cereal brand “DONAE” before continuously developing many more flavors. Now, there are a total of six flavors available. It is the first and only company in Thailand to produce breakfast cereal product at that time.


A cereal bar brand

“Donae Bar” was later launches into the market along with a cereal cup with milk inside under “DONAE MILK” brand for easily serving.


In 2000

Unichamp Co., Ltd. introduced chocolate-flavored biscuit brand “ZOO ZOO”, a biscuit snack that comes in different animal shapes such as bear and duck, etc. into the market. Later in 2003, a butter biscuit product under the brand of “WINNAE” that comes in different shapes of fruits and vegetables such as carrot, onion, corn etc. was introduced.


Continuously remained a successful

Useful Food has continuously remained a successful snack manufacture and added “POTAE EXTRA” brand to offer an alternative for vegetarian group. In order to add wider selection of potato chip snack, Unichamp Co., Ltd. introduced potato stick brand “KOB KOB FRITES” into the market. The company’s Logistic system was also improved for higher efficiency. Each delivery vehicle is installed with GPS system   for  prompt tracking customer ‘s order to ensure on-time delivery.


In 2019

Useful Food business has remained firmly, stable and continues to achieve the 35th Anniversary. The company is determined to constantly develop new quality and new flavor products and be prepared for the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community.


delivering quality food product to meet the dynamically changing consumer demands